It is a privilege to work in the leadership development area and I would like to share with you some of the feedback I have been given since 2003. If you would like to speak to me about your professional development, your performance management for yourself or key people in your organisation, you are welcome to contact me to discuss how I can assist you to continue moving forward and to continue to excel in your goal development. Wherever you are in the world, we can work together.  Merydith Willoughby

The process that Merydith Willoughby uses draws on her experience in senior leadership, academic review and personal transformation to illuminate the elements of success for leadership and personal insight. The work is energising, efficient and effective and quickly identifies opportunities to leverage skills and enhances tools to make changes, which keeps the leader on track - extra capacity allows leaders to extend the reach of their influence and improves business outcomes.
Assistant commissioner - Federal government – responsible for 22000 employees

Hey Merydith

I just wanted you to know that I love reading your posts and articles on LinkedIn and that you truly inspire me!I remember having conversations with you when we worked together and hanging onto your every word and for that I'd like to thank you.You have given me so much in such a short time and you are a truly an inspirational woman.

I recently had an old friend in town working and when we met and 'caught up' she was telling me how lost she felt. We ended up having coffee and cake at my place and I told her about you - this truly amazing woman and I showed her your book.

She was so taken by it that I lent it to her. In this world we don't often hear the good feedback and I just really wanted you to know that you are making such a huge positive impact on people's lives and I feel so blessed to have met you.

I look forward to seeing you again, until then.

Take care Nikki xx

As a new manager in a new role, our sessions together provided me with the confidence and perspective I need to be an effective and efficient leader, not just a manager. I appreciated your candor, and always stressing the importance of integrity. Much of my job consists of active engagement with other persons, so naturally I’ve found myself always on my toes and reacting to events around me. Our work together has helped me see how crucial it is to take time to reflect, and create systems and processes so that I can move on to choices involving the ‘bigger picture’.
Habitat for Humanity / Omaha,Nebraska

The process is unique to any other I have experienced.

Merydith approaches the whole leadership development role from a unique perspective.

She does not lecture in a direct sense, rather she builds an initial framework, providing starting cues and ideas, and through the use of self-reflection she allows the participants to create a vision for themselves, allowing you to formulate a development and improvement process that is tailored to your individual needs and leadership style.

The work I have done with Merydith has provided me with a whole new way of approaching my work. It has given me the tools with which to construct a framework on which I can manage and balance my role.

Through the use of this process I have been able to build on my own personal strengths and develop the tools and formulate a strategy for success that works for me.

I used to work hard without stopping to reflect if I was making the best use of my time. I am now working a lot smarter and as a result have developed a process to improve departmental outputs and reduce stress levels.

This is the best professional development process I have ever undertaken.
District Officer Special Operations - Technical Rescue

Dear Merydith

As funding for the Department of Education Community Mentoring Program is concluding I want to thank you for your significant eontribution to the program.

I appreciated that you took on the challenging role of implementing a new program and the dedication and perseverance you demonstrated to ensure that it was successful.

Your passion for making a difference for young people has been reflected by your action oriented approach to recruit, screen and train mentors to have them working with the young people as soon as possible.

Thank you for the support and ongoing monitoring you provided for the volunteer mentors. You were tuned into their needs and addressed issues and concerns as well as providing additional training when required.

As Program Manager I have valued your professionalism, collegiality and friendship.

It has been a privilege to work with you.

I wish you well for the future.

Yours sincerely

Program Manager
State government Community Mentoring Program